Meeting Notes 2012-11-13

Table of Contents

The Emacs Club C tutorial

  • Tomorrow
  • Mish needs a partner to teach – Andrew volunteers
  • We'll package a starter .emacs that will do some basic C configuration
  • Time budget is an issue – we want to introduce people to Emacs, but too much introductory material might prevent us from talking about specific things about C development in Emacs
    • Benjamin's plan: spend 15 minutes demonstrating Emacs basics through C development and then dive into more advanced features
  • Do we do it on Eniac:
    • Pros: this is what many 240 students (Windows users) have to use; it will force learning
    • Cons: we don't know what people come in knowing
  • Should we show them multiple windows? Yes, but in a simplified form

GDB, Mountain Lion, and Emacs: The Final Countdown

Using emacsclient as a collaborative editing tool

  • Building the .emacs for the C tutorial
  • Surprisingly, it doesn't work very well

Author: Rafe Kettler

Date: 2012-11-14 17:49:52 EST

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